February 4th

Communion - Greg Thomas

Offering - Royce Lowe

Annex - Ron Spaeth

Ashley Mongold

Jerry Davis

John Williams

Ed McCarty

Jason Campbell

Randy Thompson

February Lock up - Count - Etc...

Charlie Knauff

February Greeters:

4th - Dunn Family

11th - Barbara Ertel

18th - Mary Ledford

25th - Mongold Family

February 25th

Communion - Ron Spaeth

Offering - John Palmer

Annex - Craig Knisley

Jerry Davis

John Williams

Ed McCarty

Jason Campbell

Randy Thompson

Trevor Dunn

February 11th

Communion - Craig Knisley

Offering - Greg Thomas

Annex - Royce Lowe

Trevor Dunn

Jacob Campbell

Gary Evans

Charlie Knauff

Bob Norman

​Jack Anderson

1st 6:00 PM - Christian Co-Workers meeting at Stephanie's.

2nd 8:00 AM - Mentoring

3rd 8:00 AM - Men's prayer breakfast at Stephanie's.  Bad Girls in the annex.

7th 6:00 PM - Adventure Wednesday.

7th 6:30 PM - Adult Bible study.

13th 6:30 PM - Busy Bees meeting.  Set up and decorate for family night out.

14th 5-7 PM - Family night out Valentine's Day dinner.

16th 8:00 AM - Mentoring.

19th 10:00 AM - Food giveaway.

21st 6:30 PM - Adult Bible study and youth group.

25th 6:30 PM - Keith Warner from Butler Springs presenting.  Fellowship to follow.

28th 6:30 PM - Adult Bible study and youth group.

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February Anniversaries

15th - Don and Roxie Roberts

February Church Decorations

February Birthdays

2nd - Tracy Mongold

7th - Autumn Jones

12th - Julie Clouse

15th - Jerry Davis

18th - Phyllis Flint

19th - Barbara Ertel

25th - Stephanie Evans

25th - Robert Norman

Dates to Remember in February

January 18th

Communion - John Palmer

Offering - Craig Knisley

Annex - Jesse Weaver

Keith Vaughn

Wayne Davidson

Randy McKamey

Ron Spaeth

Dave Fittro

Ashley Mongold

February Communion Preparation

Trevor & Stephanie Dunn

Communion & Offering Serving List For February

February Home Communion:

4th - Greg Thomas

11th - Jesse Weaver

18th - Brad Clouse

25th - Ron Spaeth